Dr. Oetker Freezer End Cap Branding

Pick n Pay Retail Marketing received a request from client to design an impactful way to brand the freezer end cap where their pizzas were merchandised. The branding had to be adjustable as this system was also to be incorporated into Checkers Hyper.

Pick n Pay Retail Marketing

Ferdinand Rohrbeck, Chloe Wong, Ehrard Wiese, Kevin Pieterse


Pick n Pay Retail Marketing approached Project Room to help them design, engineer and produce an adjustable branding system for Dr Oetker to provide impactful brand presence onto the freezer end cap in Pick n Pay retailers and Checkers Hypers.

Project Room designed an adjustable light weight header as well as an adjustable base that could be easily assembled and attached to the freezer end cap while on site.

Since then, our freezer end cap branding system has been incorporated into the Pick n Pay Retail Marketing selection of collateral and the units can now accommodate interchangeable branding which simply attaches to the metal frame and can be removed once the campaign is complete.

Design features:

  • Frame is light weight and adjustable by width
  • All branding is now adjustable and interchangeable
  • All collateral was designed and manufactured by Project Room