Gidani Bid Boxes

Design & Manufacture a lever arch folder travel case that is distinctly different which will set Gidani apart from other bidders.

Gidani South Africa

Alexis Visser


Project Room received a brief from Gidani, the license holder and current operator of the South African National Lottery. The brief was to design a “Bid Box / Travel Case” that will be distinctively different from the other bidding companies.  The design had to comply with strict parameters, specifically weight and size.  Our design and engineering team achieved the parameters with a clever design that combined MDF wood and Aluminum.  The result is a solid case that met strict weight and size restrictions. The “Bid Box” was designed to house 5 files and stationery items.

Some design features:

  • Wheels
  • Retractable Handle
  • Single lock mechanism that locks 5 drawers at the same time
  • Step glides to facilitate boxes being pulled up stairs
  • Drawer labeling

Attractive, petite, functional and stackable – these Bid Boxes are a huge success.