Custom Presence Branding

CI and Interior design of Metanoia restaurant

Viker Food CO

Ehrard Wiese


Metanoia is one of our latest projects. Project Room was asked to convert a bar in the bustling centre of Joburg to a restaurant. The word Metanoia means to: “change in one’s way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion.” For us it means to take a space and to turn it into something else through deep consideration of everything that will have influence on it. This included the location, history, patrons and even the practicality of the space. This area in Joburg stands as a beacon of change, where the worlds of yester year and the contemporary meet and blend into one. We wanted the Metanoia’s style to reflect this blend of contemporary and traditional. For a restaurant to work well, everything has to work in harmony. Project Room took this holistic approach to the design of Metanoia, it was vital to us that absolutely everything was considered.