Project Lighthouse
Custom Presence Branding

To increase and create permanent presence of Castle Lite, Flying Fish and Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) in 50 selected outlets chosen by SAB.

South African Breweries (SAB)

Ferdinand Rohrbeck, Chloe Wong, Ehrard Wiese, Chris Fouche


SAB approached Project Room to assist with increasing and creating permanent presence of Castle Lite, Flying Fish and Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) in 50 selected outlets chosen by SAB. By using the existing style guide and brand CI provided for each brand, Project Room transformed the CI and designed, engineered and produced a toolkit and a complete 360 solution was implemented.

Step one was to audit each outlet and take basic dimensions and features of the main consumption areas in each outlet. A 3D environment was then generated in line with the site audit conducted and utilizing the Brand Style Guide to provide full colour “Mock ups” to spec of the venue for SAB and outlet owner approvals. These 3D visuals were aligned to the budget/investment allocated to the specific outlet.

Once these visuals were approved by brand and outlet, step two was to produce the elements required to achieve the look and feel proposed.

All elements were then dispatched accordingly to site once installation teams and liaison with outlet was finalized. Our installation teams handled all painting, wallpaper application and installation of lighting elements to match 3D visuals.

After installation was complete – completion reports were compiled for final outlet and head office approval.

Project features:

  • Relationship building between venue owners and SAB was developed and enhanced ensuring brand domination and innovation in all targeted outlets, in turn growing volumes and increasing sales across the product offering.
  • An on Brand venue style guide was developed for each brand.
  • Each brand CI was studied and key three dimensional elements and furniture designs were extrapolated to create a smorgasbord of venue styling tools to execute against the style guide.
  • This Styling toolkit was designed, engineered and manufactured for each brand.
  • All elements were designed to ensure longevity in trade and in the club and pub environment.